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This section contains stories about Susan's Career, interesting facts and opinions about chess and events by Susan, and chess instructional tips for every player. These stories and articles by Susan and about Susan are at Chess Cafe regarding Susan and her career. Links to every article written at ChessCafe by Susan are below.

    2009 Articles by Susan at
    SeptemberThe SPICE of Success
    AugustThe Excitement Continues at Texas Tech
    JulyScholastic Chess Tips
    JuneThe Dirty Hidden Truth
    MayAronian Back on Top
    AprilHe came, played, and conqured
    MarchTopalov to Challenge Anand
    FebruaryYoungsters Domniate Corus
    JanuaryA Look Back at 2008
    2008 Articles by Susan at
    DecemberFarewell to Dresden
    NovemberUndisputed at Last
    October2008 Spice Cup
    SeptemberA Historic American Event
    AugustChampions Crowned at Texas Tech University
    JulyMagnus Force
    JuneThe 2008 U.S. Championship
    MayA Major Boost for SPICE
    AprilAronian on Fire
    MarchThe Rise of Next Generation
    FebruaryI Remember Bobby
    JanuaryNews Year Q&A
    2007 Articles by Susan at
    December"My Brilliant Brain"
    NovemberSPICE Cup and Other Flavors of the Month
    OctoberInterviews from the World Championship Part One
    SeptemberScotland, Mexico, and China
    AugustWomen's Chess Month
    JulyTop Ten Q&A
    JuneA Big Month for Chess
    MayA Groundbreaking Opportunity
    AprilTips for Promoting Chess
    MarchFierce Battle for the #1 Ranking
    FebruaryThe Changing Chess Scene
    JanuaryNew year Q & A
    2006 Articles by Susan at
    DecemberThe Rise of the Machines: Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz
    NovemberA Historic Month
    OctoberChaos in Elista
    SeptemberThe State of Chess
    AugustWomen's World Chess Cup and serious Troubles for USCF
    JulyTwo Historic Events
    JuneWin with Grace, Lose with Dignity
    MayThe Importance of Proper Training
    AprilAn Exciting Month in Chess
    MarchThe Difference Between Boys and Girls in Chess
    FebruaryBreaking Down the Social Stigma
    JanuaryNew Year Question & Answer
    2005 Articles by Susan at
    DecemberChess Mom and Coach
    NovemberChess for Peace and a Candid Q & A
    October2005 FIDE World Championship
    September$155,000 in Prizes, Stipends and Scholarships!
    AugustTaking Chess to the Next Level of Popularity
    JulyA Busy Summer
    JuneThe "No Draw" Rule
    MayAmazing Things Can Happen...
    AprilKasparov, Fischer, Nakamura and the Future of Chess
    MarchBattle of the Genders II: Polgar vs. Nakamura
    FebruaryThe New Age of Internet Chess
    JanuaryExciting New Additions to the Annual Polgar Girl's Event
    2004 Articles by Susan at
    DecemberThe Conclusion of Another Year in Chess: Questions and Answers
    NovemberA Dream Come True
    OctoberClash of the Titans and Other Events
    SeptemberYou Are Part of History
    AugustQ&A About Fischer Kasparov Karpov and more
    JulyWomen in the Spotlight
    JuneFuture Chess Queens
    MayNew World Knockout Champion will be Crowned
    AprilChess in Paradise
    MarchOn The Road Again
    FebruaryScholastic Chess Q & A
    JanuaryMy General Recap of 2003 Part 2
    2003 Articles by Susan at
    DecemberMy General Recap of 2003
    NovemberQuestions and Answers from Chess Fans Around the World
    OctoberTwo World Champions with One Common Mission
    SeptemberThe Annual Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls
    AugustThe Mission: Help Chess Women and Children
    JulyWomen’s Chess: Question Answers and Updates
    JuneUS Women’s Chess: The Beginning of a New Era!
    MayMy Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Chess (Part 3)
    AprilMy Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Chess (Part 2)
    MarchMy Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Chess (Part 1)
    FebruaryThe Future of Women's Chess in America
    JanuaryMy Year End Summary and My Wish for the New Year
    2002 Articles by Susan at
    DecemberWomen Take Center Stage in Bled
    NovemberBattle of the Genders
    OctoberWomen's Chess in America -- A Social Dillema
    SeptemberThe Gender Gap
    AugustSpecial Women's World Chess Champions
    JulyAn Historic Moment in Women's Chess: Thessalonia Olympiad 1988


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In a major event in chess publishing, Susan Polgar provides a candid inside view of the lives of the Polgar sisters, each with their own goals and aspirations. She takes readers through the incredible development of the three sisters as they pursued their dreams: becoming chess prodigies, growing into contenders, and winning World titles and Olympiad gold medals.

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