World Record

On a magical day in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida back on August 1st and 2nd, 2005, Susan Polgar walked over 9 miles in nearly 17 straight hours on her way to a world record breaking simul! She became the first player to ever play 1,131 consecutive games, winning 1,112 wins! She also broke the record for 326 simultaneous games played with 309 wins, and the highest winning percentage (96.93%). Her team of assistants and staff had this attempt planned long ago, even prior to the old record set by IM Andrew Martin. After meticulous planning and detail, the event started early in the morning on the 1st of August and continued long into the early morning hours of the 2nd. Check out the media links and various pictures below!

  • International Herald Tribune – Susan Polgar, the former women’s world chess champion, is believed to have broken four international chess records this week after playing more than 1,100 games over 17 hours in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  • New York Times – Susan Polgar, below, a chess grandmaster who is the No. 2-ranked female player in the world, set a new record Monday for playing games simultaneously. She also set a record for playing the most games consecutively. Starting at 10:30 a.m., Ms. Polgar played 326 games….
  • CBS News – Susan Polgar’s got some moves. She better. She’ll need thousands of chess moves to set some new records. Polgar started playing chess yesterday morning in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She hopes to play 20 hours straight to set a new Guinness mark.
  • Washington Post – Susan Polgar broke the world record in simultaneous play last Tuesday in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The former women’s world champion played 326 games, winning 309, drawing 14 and losing only three times. Equipped with a pedometer, Polgar walked over nine miles in 16 1/2 hours with only a few five-minute breaks. Her amazing performance will be recorded in the Guinness World Records.Many spectators, players, and media were on hand to capture the excitement and historic attempt to break this monumental record! Besides our photo gallery that has numerous shots from the event, we have taken some of the best shots and placed them below with captions. Enjoy all these vivid photos that put you right in the middle of the excitement!

This was an operation that took thousands of hours to plan, prepare and execute by more than 50 volunteers from the state, county, city, sponsors, national federation, national organization and so on. It was an event that was done in public in front of thousands of people in the middle of a very popular mall and it was certified by the high ranking officials of the US Chess Federation, US Chess Trust and the office of the Mayor of Palm Beach Gardens.

Susan has always embraced the spectators. She said the crowd energized her and the bigger the better. She did not want to eat. She basically had a few energy bars. She does not drink, smoke or drink soda. Her only request was to have fresh squeeze juice with no or very little ice. There was a juice bar in the mall and we had people getting her juice when she requested. The restroom was right there so there was hardly any walking distance to it. And by the way, this was the first time Susan has ever done a simul in sneakers. She usually wears heels when she conducts a simul.

Susan concentrating on her one opponent out of 1,131 as she uses every ounce of energy to keep her record attempt alive!

Susan smiling and chatting with an elderly gentlemen as she makes the first move.

Susan surrounded by the dedicated and hard working team that assisted her.

Susan shaking hands with Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Eric Jablin as she begins the simul at the Palm Gardens Mall.